teamBenjamin A. Balser

• Chief Executive Officer – Intellectual Property Attorney – Electrical Engineer

Benjamin Balser is a seasoned veteran with over 14 years of experience in the intellectual property industry. He manages Ion Power Group’s intellectual property (domestic and international) and is personally responsible for authoring and obtaining ten (10) patents so far for Ion Power Group. A degreed Electrical Engineer, his background in power management devices with Texas Instruments affords valuable insight applicable to current and future developments in Ion Harvesting Technology. Benjie’s patent experience include the following fields of technology: electrical, computer, mechanical, general engineering, physics, telecommunications, and optical; and more specifically, telecommunication systems, email systems, instant messaging systems, digital cable systems including encryption/decryption, modulation techniques, distribution techniques, wireless local area network systems and standards including IEEE 802.11, laser systems, optics and optical electronics, GPS systems, weapons systems, processor architecture, analog/digital circuits, power electronics, battery charging, broadband circuits, wireless modulation techniques, refrigeration systems, financial services, and business methods, among others.

Chief Executive Officer – Ion Power Group LLC (Present) ’16- Partner – NextIP Law Group – Intellectual Property Law Group (Present) ’16- Partner – Balser & Grell – Intellectual Property Law Group ’09-‘15 Patent Attorney – Thomas Kayden Horstemeyer & Risley – Intellectual Law Group ’03 – ‘09 Applications Engineer EE – Texas Instruments ’97 – ‘03 Senior Technical Analyst – Nokia Mobile Phones ’94 – ‘97 JD – Loyola New Orleans – ‘03 BSEE – Louisiana State University – ‘94

Benjie sits on the Clean Energy Business Network’s Innovation Technologies Advisory Committee, Washington DC.


teamBrad A. Scott

• Founding Member

• Financial Adviser


teamNathan David Lyons Sr.

• Founding Member

• Financial Counsel

teamLisa Monique McCowen

• Founding Member

• Senior Organizer



teamDerek Brett Esq. Attorney – Barrister

• General Legal Counsel


teamNext IP Law Group

• Intellectual Property Law Group


teamTrenam Law

• Legal Counsel


teamTom Risalvato



teamClean Energy Business Network

• An Initiative of the Business Council for Sustainable Energy

Dr. Philip Metzger PhD

• Planetary Scientist / Physicist

• Selected NASA Kennedy Space Center 2011 Scientist / Engineer of the Year

• Co-founder NASA Kennedy Space Center Swamp Works

• NASA Silver Medal for Technology Development 2014

• Aerospace Division Outstanding Technical Award 2016

• American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Technical Contribution Award 2018

• University of Central Florida Space Institute

Dr. Adrienne Dove PhD

• Planetary Scientist / Astrophysicist

• NASA’s Susan Mahan Niebur Early Career Award

• University of Central Florida Physics Department

• Planetary sciences and dusty plasmas in the solar system

• Microgravity and laboratory research on dusty plasmas, collisions, and planet formation


teamDr. Andreas J. G. Baumgaertner PhD

• Atmospheric Physicist

• Senior Scientist – German Aerospace Center


Dr. Peter Allen PhD

• Analytical Chemistry

• Nanotechnology and Modeling Complex Chemical Systems

• Atmospheric Conductivity and Electricity

teamDr. James Stanley PhD

• Nuclear Physicist – Stanford University

• Senior Technical Management – Collins Aerospace

• Extensive management history of R&D Projects and Advanced Systems Groups

• Disruptive Technologies Monitor

• Technical, Contract and Program Management Advisor

teamDr. Hatcher Tynes PhD

• Atmospheric Physicist

• External Technical Resources Consultant

• Microfabrication

teamDr. Hasmukh L. Gajera PhD

• Materials Science

• Masters of Science in Nano Science and Nano Technology

• Expertise includes Graphene, Graphite, Carbon Nanotubes


teamDr. Sebastian Uppapalli PhD

• Mechanical Engineering

• CFD; Transport Phenomena; Electrohydrodynamics

• Multiphysics Modeling

teamDr. Gautam Thor PhD

• Scientific Research – Diagnostics

IP Development



teamDr. Tathagata Acharya PhD

• Mechanical Engineering

• Expertise In Computational and Experimental Fluid Dynamics and Rarefied Gas Dynamics


teamClint McCowen

• Chief Technology Officer

• Specialist in Ion Harvesting Research and Nanomaterial Electrocoupling

• Prototype Design

• IP Development

teamSteve Bolt

• Electronics Engineering

teamRobert Moore

• Expert on high altitude tethered flight

• World Altitude Record Holder for tethered Kite flight

• Guinness World Record Certification

• Australian Book of Records Certification World Altitude Record


teamLt. Colonel (rt) William I. McCowen

• Management

Richard B. Adams, PE, BCEE

    • United States Military Academy, Boston University, University of Texas

    • Civil/Environmental Engineer & Academic Professor

    • Founder, Multi-State Environmental Consulting Company

   • Technical/Creative Writer


teamJulee Meltzer

• Technical Writer


teamRandy Allen

• Property Accounting and Management


teamLt. Colonel Homer Harkins

• Dean of Academic Affairs at Joint Special Operations University

• Adviser to Ion Power Group

teamKeith Brahms

• USAF Academy Graduate

• Adviser to Ion Power Group

teamRoland Schmidt

• Royal Netherlands Air Force

• Adviser to Ion Power Group


teamLoree Arrington

• Environmentalist and Media


teamAdvanced Edge

• Web Developer


teamKenneth Nielsen

• Photo Journalist

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