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Ion Power Group LLC is a collaboration of science, technology and business professionals comprising an international think-tank dedicated to solving Humankind's energy needs on Earth and beyond - including aerospace applications.

Ion Power Group announces a nanotechnology breakthrough capable of producing clean electricity day & night without sun or wind called Ion Harvesting Technology. Successful proof-of-concept has been achieved (TRL-3 as defined by NASA). An Economic Viability report authored by NASA Kennedy Space Center 2011 Scientist Engineer of the Year, Dr. Philip Metzger (one of 9 PhDs involved with this project) estimates that production versions may provide up to US$150 billion annual economic benefit to the USA with proportionally large benefit to other countries by potentially producing electricity cheaper than solar PV. 10 patents have been awarded by the USA, Russia, China, Canada and Japan covering the world's largest economies with notice of allowance issued in 28 European Union countries and with patent pending status in approximately 100 other countries. An initial US$1M founder's round (seed capital) funded this epic breakthrough. A 2nd round is currently underway to raise $500k to conduct Cost-per-Watt studies. After Cost-per-Watt studies are complete, the revenue phase may commence via the sale of technology licenses to early adopters such as national, state and regional governments; power producers including solar and wind; and military, automotive, aerospace industries as well as humanitarian projects. Ion Harvesting Technology is poised to help reduce human suffering by increasing the quality of life for billions of people around the world through access to cheap renewable energy – day and night.

At Ion Power Group, we believe that the best way to predict the future… is to invent it.

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