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How ion harvesting generates clean electricity on earth

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How ion harvesting can generate clean electricity on Mars


The United States, China, Japan, Canada and Russia have awarded patents to Ion Power Group. Learn More

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Ion Power Group LLC is a collaboration of science, technology and business professionals from many countries who have formed an international Think Tank dedicated to helping solve humankind's energy crisis - including aerospace applications.

Ion Power Group is pleased to announce a patented breakthrough in nanotechnology - called Ion Harvesting Technology - that generates clean high voltage electricity by harvesting the electric charge of naturally occurring atmospheric ions DAY and NIGHT.

In 2016, groundbreaking US Patent 9,331,603 B2 was issued to Ion Power Group for the use of the "wonder material" GRAPHENE for ion energy collection on space stations, moon and Mars structures, rockets, satellites, planetary drones and rovers including robots and artificial intelligence entities, airplanes, air and ground drones, blimps, balloons, kites, cars, boats, trucks, (including automobile and other transportation conveyance tires), trains, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, scooters, hovercraft (conveyance of any kind), billboards, cell towers, radio towers, camera towers, flag poles, towers of any kind including telescopic, windmills, light poles, utility poles, water towers, buildings, sky scrapers, coliseums, roof tops, solar panels, hats, clothes and all fixed or mobiles structures higher than one inch above ground or sea level. A 2016 Physics PhD Technical Report recommends Ion Harvesting Technology as a reliable power source for future Mars missions day, night and during dust storms, seen here.

Designed as an ideal power source for Mars missions, Ion Harvesting Technology can also be used on Earth to produce clean high voltage electricity day, night and during storms. The core technology is patented in the USA, China, Russia, Canada and Japan with patent rights pending in many other countries. This amazing clean energy technology is a game-changer for the future of Mars missions as well as numerous uses across the Earth. At Ion Power Group, we believe that the best way to predict the futureā€¦ is to invent it.

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