WelcomeIon Power Group LLC, an international think-tank, has created Ion Harvesting Technology that uses special nanotechnology (carbon/graphite/graphene) to produce clean high voltage electricity by harvesting the electric charge of naturally occurring atmospheric ions, day, night and during storms. The topic of study of a 2016 Physics PhD Technical Report, Ion Harvesting Technology is recommended by the report as a new power source for future Mars missions. An ideal power source for Mars, Ion Harvesting Technology can also be used on Earth to produce clean high voltage electricity day, night and during storms. Patented in the USA, China, Russia, Canada and Japan with patents pending in other counties, this amazing method of producing clean electricity is a game-changer for the Aerospace industry, Mars missions as well as clean energy enthusiasts across the world. At Ion Power Group, we believe that the best way to predict the future… is to invent it.

Benjie A. Balser CEO

                                                                   Benjie A. Balser  CEO


IonPowerGroup.com High Voltage Electricity harvested from Ions in the Air v8.5 (1)_1

Actual footage of >50,000 volts of electricity
harvested from the air on Earth by patented
ion collectors  during peak ion periods.

Watch this short video about
Ion Harvesting Technology
published by NextIP Law Group

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  Ion Power Group is a member of the PEW Clean Energy Business Network

        Ion Power Group is a Woman owned Business